What to Know About the Next Crypto Giant

ePRO Classic Platform, the first decentralized social media platform for everyone

$EPRO, launched in May 2021, is a deflationary token that was created with an innovation-based approach by computer scientists, mathematicians, and cryptocurrency experts. The project was founded by Sirat Hashimi, one of five founding members.

Designed to provide crypto solutions by connecting investors to founders for the purpose of larger crypto connectivity, ePRO Classic will be launching in August 2021, the world’s biggest decentralized social network.

Social Media, as we know it, has been highly criticized for its biased and limited functionalities. EPRO believes in a social network built by you and for you where the user feels:

How exactly will this occur? If you haven’t gotten the chance to look at our released whitepaper you should go check it out on our social platforms. To quickly summarize, our platform is currently under development and will be ready for in-house beta testing soon. We’ll be introducing many features you are accustomed to, but new ones also like our innovative “Pro” button.

Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, ePRO Classic intends to incorporate an AI navigator that will work for its user, not against. Our network, marketing expertise, and partnerships all are playing a role in our early on-set success.

Even if you aren’t a huge social media fanatic, but love the idea of a decentralized platform where you’re not being bamboozled or overwhelmed by unwanted advertisements; this is a coin that should remain in your radar.

If this means less accounts being flagged or potentially being removed for advertising projects like cryptocurrency, then why not?

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Ethereum Pro is a deflationary token built on the Ethereum blockchain set to revolutionize social media with ePRO Classic, the first crypto-social platform.